Trumpeter Rik Mol takes centre stage in television programme ‘The new Stradivarius’

The new Stradivarius with Miel Adams and Rik Mol: Friday the 21 st of July, 20:25 at NPO2.

Trumpeter Rik Mol will be featured in the AVRO TROS television programme ‘The new Stradivarius’ on Friday the 21st of July. During which he will pursue his favorite instruments by idols Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis. Upon his return to Amsterdam he spends his spare time designing his own trumpet, inspired by his heroes Armstrong and Davis, and manufacturing the instrument under guidance of trumpet builder Miel Adams.

Rik is generous enough to give us a taste of what to expect: “We really collaborated with each other during this project and poured our hearts and souls into the instrument. It was an intense experience, being able to learn more about such a noble craft. There were some errors made, since I wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. Working on an instrument for ten hours a day can take its toll but I am very proud of the result and cherish it immensely.”

Trumpet builder Adams is, amongst other things, known from his collaboration with American musician Christian Scott, who also submits his own design. This is, however, the first time that a musician himself becomes part of the building process.

How the extraordinary instrument sounds can be heard in Rik’s new single ‘The Resident’. An instrumental piece written especially for this particular instrument that can be found on the new album, Infinite Mirrors vol.1 (to be released later this year). Fun fact: Rik is in the process of having engravings made for the trumpet, based on the clean, artistic lines from the accompanying music video. 

Find the new music video for The Resident here, in which Rik plays on his new, jointly built instrument.
written by Angelique van Os
translated by Romina Slabber